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[IPDPS'23] FIRST: Exploiting the Multi-Dimensional Attributes of Functions for Power-Aware Serverless Computin... --Lu Zhang, Chao Li, et al.
[ASPLOS'23] uGrapher: High-Performance Graph Operator Computation via Unified Abstraction for Graph Neural Net... --Yangjie Zhou, Jingwen Leng, et al.
[ISCA'23] Architecting Efficient Multi-modal AIoT Systems --Xiaofeng Hou, Jiacheng Liu, et al.
[DAC'23] MARS: Exploiting Multi-Level Parallelism for DNN Workloads on Adaptive Multi-Accelerator Systems --Guan Shen, Jieru Zhao, et al.
[MICRO'22] ANT: Exploiting Adaptive Numerical Data Type for Low-bit Deep Neural Network Quantization --Cong Guo, Chen Zhang, et al.
[ICLR'22] SQuant: On-the-fly Data-free Quantization via Diagonal Hessian Approximation --Cong Guo, Yuxian Qiu, et al.
[ACL'22] Transkimmer: Transformer Learns to Layer-wise Skim --Yue Guan, Zhengyi Li, et al.
[AAAI'22] Block-Skim: Efficient Question Answering for Transformer --Yue Guan, Zhengyi Li, et al.
[DATE'22] PowerGear: Early-Stage Power Estimation in FPGA HLS via Heterogeneous Edge-Centric GNNs --Zhe Lin, Zike Yuan, et al.
[ICCD'22] Nesting Forward Automatic Differentiation for Memory-Efficient Deep Neural Network Training --Cong Guo, Yuxian Qiu, et al.