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[IEEE ICDE 2018]Flexible Aggregate Nearest Neighbor Queries in Road Networks --Bin Yao, Z. Chen, et al.
[ESEC/FSE'18-NIER]DLFuzz:Differential Fuzzing Testing of Deep Learning Systems. --Jianmin Guo, Yu Jiang, et al.
[ASPLOS]Prophet: Precise QoS Prediction on Non-Preemptive Accelerators to Improve Utilization in Warehouse-Sca... --Quan Chen, Hailong Yang, et al.
[IEEE ICCD 2018]Power Grab in Aggressively Provisioned Data Centers: What is the Risk and What Can Be Done Abo... --Xiaofeng Hou, Chao Li, et al.
[IEEE ICCD 2018]DR DRAM: Accelerating Memory-Read-Intensive Applications. --Yuhai Cao, Chao Li, et al.
Parallel Biometrics Computing Using Mobile Agents --Jane You, David Zhang, et al.
Switching Cost, Market Effects and the Pricing Model of e-Commerce --Li Ke, Minyi Guo, et al.
Enabling Loop Fusion and Tiling for Cache Performance by Fixing Fusion-Preventing Data Dependences --Jingling X, Qingguang H, et al.
A Performance Guaranteed Distributed Multicast Algorithm for Long-Lived Directional Communications in WANETs --Song Guo, Minyi Guo, et al.