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Scheduling and Automatic Parallelization. --Minyi Guo.
Denotational Semantics of an HPF-Like Data-Parallel Langguage Model --Minyi Guo.
Symbolic Communication Set Generation for Irregular Parallel Applications --Minyi Guo, Yi Pan, et al.
Parallel and distributed scientific and engineering computing --Laurence Tianruo Yang, Yi Pan, et al.
A scalable HPF implementation of a finite-volume computational electromagnetics application on a CRAY T3E para... --Yi Pan, Joseph J. S. Shang, et al.
A Divide-and-Conquer Algorithm for Irregular Redistribution in Parallelizing Compilers --Hui Wang, Minyi Guo, et al.
Editorial: Parallel and Distributed Processing with Applications --Minyi Guo.
Fast parallel molecular solution to the dominating-set problem on massively parallel bio-computing --Minyi Guo, Michael (Shan-Hui) Ho, et al.
Using sticker to solve the 3-dimensional matching problem in molecular supercomputers --Minyi Guo, Weng-Long Chang, et al.
Fast Parallel Solution for Set-Packing and Clique Problems by DNA-Based Computing --Michael (Shan-Hui) Ho, Weng-Long Chang, et al.