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A Parallel Implementation of Multi-Domain High-Order Navier-Stokes Equations Using MPI --Hui Wang, Minyi Guo, et al.
Programming Support for MPMD Parallel Computing in ClusterGOP --Fan Chan, Jiannong Cao, et al.
Foreword. --Minyi Guo, Laurence Tianruo Yang.
Towards solution of the set-splitting problem on gel-based DNA computing --Weng-Long Chang, Minyi Guo, et al.
Solving the Independent-set Problem in a Dna-based Supercomputer Model --Weng-Long Chang, Minyi Guo, et al.
Improving communication scheduling for array redistribution --Minyi Guo, Yi Pan.
One-dimensional I test and direction vector I test with array references by induction variable --Minyi Guo, Weng-Long Chang, et al.
A Multicast Based Anonymous Information Sharing Protocol for Peer-to-Peer Systems --Baoliu Ye, Minyi Guo, et al.