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[IEEE TC 2018] Contention and Locality-Aware Work-Stealing for Iterative Applications in Multi-socket Computer... --Quan Chen, Minyi Guo.
[IEEE CAL] KSM: Online Application-Level Performance Slowdown Prediction for Spatial Multitasking GPGPU. --Wenyi Zhao, Quan Chen, et al.
Rank-Aware Dynamic Migrations and Adaptive Demotions for DRAM Power Management. --Yanchao Lu, Donghong Wu, et al.
SMe: explicit & implicit constrained-space probabilistic threshold range queries for moving objects. --Zhi-Jie Wang, Bin Yao, et al.
A Hint Frequency Based Approach to Enhancing the I/O Performance of Multilevel Cache Storage Systems. --Xiaodong Meng, Chentao Wu, et al.
Reverse Furthest Neighbors Query in Road Networks. --Xiao-Jun Xu, Jin-Song Bao, et al.
Smart Infrastructure Design for Smart Cities. --Kaoru Ota, Teerawat Kumrai, et al.
Mobile Crowdsensing in Software Defined Opportunistic Networks. --He Li, Kaoru Ota, et al.